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PRT 220 "Rangers in Concert" script (scans)

PRT 220 "Rangers in Concert" First Draft Script Release.

So, long, long ago, during the Dark Ages we call "Power Rangers Turbo", this was originally going to be the end of the first half of the season. But after Doug Sloan and Ann Austen were sealed in a dumpster by Lord Tzachor, the intended plans of the season were derailed. "Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers, part I" replaced this episode as a result, and with it went the entire "Millennium Message" subplot, not to mention a dozen other things set up earlier in the season.

So, just for the record, keep this in mind: Carlos here was intended to become the Red Ranger (and has a different last name than what the character would have everywhere but onscreen). Missy is the character who would become Ashley, and was intended to be the Pink Ranger. "Ashley" is the character of Jenny Hunter, Lt Stone's niece from "Cars Attack", and was supposed to be the Yellow Ranger. And Michael is a sort of prototype for TJ, and was to be the new Green Ranger.

The reason for all the highlighting of various items, is because this script once belonged to the show's prop master, Mark Richardson. He'd go through and denote what doodad or gizmo the ep would need. You'll see a lot of this in scripts I have (mostly those that aren't signed by actors).

sirstack.db-destiny.net/PRT220 (Rangers in Concert) WtW-Media, Scans.zip