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Mega Rangers Element Breakdown (Scans)

Courtesy of MistyStuffer, who bought this at Power Morphicon 2010 and graciously donated the scans.

This is, basically, the pre-bible for Power Rangers in Space. It dates back to May 1997, when Turbo's second half hadn't even begun filming! There are so many differences here that it will blow your mind. Take a look, see how things looked when gearing up to pre-produce PRiS, from the first 27 episode summaries of Megaranger, to Darkonda being called "Spike" (not Skull's son... or is he?), Bulk & Skull's Citizen Force Group, Dark Specter as Goldgoyle's giant floating head, and no Andros? There's all of that, and so much more. Do yourself a favor, download it, read it, and enjoy!,%20WtW-Media,