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guy gardner, contemplation

MMPR 116 "A Brush with Destiny" Script (Scans)

MMPR 116 "A Brush with Destiny" Final Draft & Blue Revisions (combined) Release.
Hey, finally, a pretty big deleted scene! Seems Doug Sloan was to return to his role of Kim's Uncle Steve (originated in season 1's "Foul Play in the Sky") for a scene in this episode. Why it didn't happen (considering Doug was story editor at this time), I haven't a clue. Overall it's the same episode as the final version. The end credits' scene of Bulk & Skull getting their first assignment takes place within the episode as it was originally supposed to (and includes a cut mention about making up classes later). Kim's Mother's Fiance is named... well, "Fiance".

And as usual, JDF acting inflections included, a work of art all their own.