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guy gardner, contemplation

MMPR 120 "Wizard for a Day" Script (Scans)

MMPR 120 "Wizard for a Day" Final Draft Release.
Hey look, they mention the previous title for this episode on the front page. How thoughtful. Your typical "overall the same but some dialogue changes exist" script. The end credit scene of Bulk and Skull's parking lot encounter with Alonzo Bodden takes place within the episode as intended. We also learn a little more about how strict Wilton could be in a deleted extra bit. Miss Appleby was also intended to appear instead of the generic teacher who takes her place. And instead of just liquids, the Rangers are turned into various chemical forms. Not to mention, Rocky's teaching plays a bigger role in his restoring his teammates. And finally, Lt. Stone appears in a special extended ending.

Also in this special Teacher's Edition script, are JDF's acting inflections.