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PRZ 202 "Rangers of Two Worlds 2" script (scans)

PRZ 202 "Rangers of Two Worlds (part 2)" Second Draft and Blue Pages (combined) Release. Note that the blue revisions, the "B" series, are actually revised over the final draft, meaning even more changes.

Again, they seemed to think the Oh vs Kaku video was the "Ohranger Feature Movie". Here, let me again point out just some of the differences from this script to the aired episode: All of the Alien Rangers are supposed to be present in the Power Chamber; notes to omit Zeo Megazord cockpit and Mondo stuff from the initial Sentai Zord stuff; the globe Finster uses was supposed to be a hologram he whips up outta nowhere; Auric was to magically restore some damaged buildings; Impursonator was to "enter" Auric to force him back into his head state; The first act break took place before the first Cog fight instead of after Billy and Cestria depart; some cut Sentai footage of White and Red Alien Rangers at the waterfall was why Impursonator popped out of the cockpit, explaining a huge error in the final version; hey, the use of the word "reaming"!; lots of Sentai footage lacking dialogue, with mentions of stuff to omit and stuff for us to shoot ("replace the Tokyo dome"); Inexplicable use of the Kaku football here for the Aquitians; Defender Wheel use also got cut; Oddly here they say to omit the Super Green Zord underwater fight that did in fact make it to the aired ep; the combined Impursonator/Cog Changer is merely called "Hybrid Monster"; cut reactions to their losses of Mondo and Rita; cut bit at the Youth Center with the Ranger teens awaiting word from Billy; and finally, a last line from Tommy providing a punchline to the "Billy speechless" bit. Oh, and the end credits montage seems to have been intended to be the final scene of the episode.

sirstack.db-destiny.net/prz202 (Rangers of Two Worlds 2) WtW-Media, Scans.zip

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