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PRZ & PRT PSAs scripts (scans)

PRZ "Power Word"/"What it Means to be a Power Ranger" Public Service Announcements Script Release.

I can't find any copies of these PSAs online at any of the usual sites that have PR videos on them. I did find one, but as it turns out, it was one that isn't even in these scripts (Jason in "Discipline")! But I'm positive they were all shot and shown on Fox Kids, I remember a couple of them. The reason most people tend not to have them is thanks to the fact they didn't start airing until around the end of Zeo, if not actually after it was over and in reruns. Notice that despite the change in names for the campaign, they ended up calling it "And now a WORD from the Power Rangers" with "Words are Power" at the end. Why does Adam have two different ones, anyway? Ah, who cares.

Also included are the PRT D.A.R.E. PSA Blue Pages. As you can see from the dates on the script, these were written alongside some of the first eps of PRT! The pages we have here are kind of random, but they do reveal PSAs which never actually aired. The DARE PSAs that finally did run at the end of 97 lacked the seatbelt safety focus. I hear these were indeed filmed, so, just more stuff we'll never see from the Disney vaults. prt PSAs WtW-Media,

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