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guy gardner, contemplation

PRT 208 "The Whole Lie" Script (scans)

PRT 208 "The Whole Lie" Pink & Yellow Pages (combined) Release.

This isn't a complete script, just the revisions, as such, pages 13 & 17 are missing. The most interesting aspect of this is that, up until the yellow revision, Tommy was to be at the car wash with the others. The "stock footage of Tommy in the stock car" crap we all know and loathe was a last minute change so JDF could go do something else (probably the doofy pied piper thing). Even so, the first scene is very different from the aired ep, in that it involves Kat and Justin just showing up to the car wash instead of already being there, and immedately running into Porto. Elgar's octopus gag isn't in the script, and Rygog was to have a line. Pink pages have a different Bulk & Skull Chimp bit instead of the Stone hose gag. Justin's view of juice is stronger here (hate vs don't like). Stone gets a cut line here where he mistakenly thinks the Piranahtron are customers! Speaking of which, a P-Tron gets to talk here! Dimitria's a hologram? That explains a few things, I guess.

sirstack.db-destiny.net/prt208 (The Whole Lie) WtW-Media, Scans.zip
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