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godfather, flabber

PRT 214 "Alarmed and Dangerous" Scripts (scans)

PRT 214 "Alarmed and Dangerous" Fourth Draft & Fifth Draft Release.

Oh look, this episode was previously titled "Cause for Alarm". The fire fighter who talks is named "Officer/Fireman Bandera". The monster, despite being called "Blazinator" on some VCD package, is called in these scripts "The Inferno Inciter" (and he has no lines here). Justin compares himself to Sean Penn in "Dead Man Walking" in a cultural reference that would've implied his watching R rated movies. Yet another attempt to have a Piranahtron speak is cut short. Rygog was to actually battle Red Ranger instead of taking off weakly as he did. There's no resolution to the firefighters trapped inside the monster here, either, as if they died and the Rangers were happy about it. Reggie must've been named "Rocko" in an earlier draft as it slips through once here.

Otherwise, the work of checking out the changes in the script to the screen is up to you! The 4th draft pages are different almost completely, dialogue-wise (certain scenes are also flipped around in placement). The 5th draft is about 99% the same as the aired version. So, look on the 5th draft pages, and anywhere there's an asterix beside the line, it means that line was changed from the 4th draft. Besides that, always remember, if it's dubbed in later, it's likely gonna be different even slightly.

sirstack.db-destiny.net/prt214 (Alarmed and Dangerous) WtW-Media, Scans.zip
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