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guy gardner, contemplation

MMPR 23 "Life's a Masquerade" Script (Scans)

MMPR 23 "Life's a Masquerade" Unknown Draft Script Release.
No cover sheet, no details on what draft this is, but it's late enough for Tommy to no longer be Rocky, but early enough to not just quite be the final shooting script. JDF has numerous Tommy lines highlighted with inflection comments throughout (at least two whole cut scenes are crossed out by him). Despite being close to what eventually was shot, there's still a bit of dialogue differences (as always, the stuff to be ADRed, such as concerning Rita and company, is rough until post production). One neat bit? It reveals that the Bride of Frankenstein who tries to slam dance with the monster? Is none other than former Bulk & Skull cohort, Sharkie!

The final page seems to be missing.