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PRLG 293 "Quasar Quest, Part 1" script (scans)

PRLG 293 "Quasar Quest, Part I" First Draft Release.

What's in the finished ep that's not in the script: Maya's first scene is entirely different. Same goes for Jera and the Quasar Sabers. No ritualistic attempts to remove the swords here, either. Skull's inserts aren't scripted at all, as they were last minute additions. The guard's dialogue to Leo when kicking him out is absent. The old lady's attack by the thugs is shorter in the script, so we get to see the whole ordeal on the show. The cutaways to Maya running from the Stingwingers and Furio struggling withe Sabers after Leo boards the ship is missing. Stanton telling Leo he was going the wrong way isn't scripted. Maya running into the portal to the moon isn't shown here, either. No lingering reaction by the future Rangers there before the Stingwingers arrive, since they're literally on here tail in the script.

What got cut from script to screen: A recap of the end of PRiS! Do ignore the over-generalization of "wiped out all evil in the universe", though. Here, Terra Venture is leaving in 22 hours, instead of 8 as in the show. Kai's first appearance here is a cut extension of the Earth spaceport scene, where he breaks rules to allow a kitten onto TerraV (sort of similar to the evacuation scene in "Journey's End"). The TerraV sign Leo reads in the alley says "You Deserve To Go" instead of "Adventure for a Lifetime". Leo was stowing away on a cargo ship here (with no other passengers), so the whole 2001 homage scene is absent. Bulk & Phenomenus were to be wearing their new TerraV uniforms when exiting the ship, and when they realize they left Skull behind, they were to run off wackily instead of just standing there crying. The robot seen in "Race to the Rescue" gets an introduction here, and even was to speak! Leo getting the battle fatigues is different, he finds them in storage instead of stealing a pair near a bathroom. Leo was to save Kendrix from falling rocks instead of a big old explosion. Here's a biggie: Maya says that ZORDON gave the Quasar Sabers their ancient powers! Kai doesn't know Zordon (which makes me wonder how much the world knows about the golden wave that saved the universe).

What's shifted around in placement from script to screen:

Info-flavo-noid: As I've been saying for a decade: Mirinoi was in the Lost Galaxy in this two-parter! There was supposed to be a Desert Dome. This confirms that GSA stands for "Galactic Space Alliance". All but Maya get their ages revealed (Mike is 22, Kendrix is 18, Kai is 19, and Leo is 18). The Starship Troopers uniforms are called here "battle fatigues". In case you didn't know, Leo is said to be "lovestruck" by Kendrix. In all the location listings, the moon is called the "Practice Moon", the name it's later inexplicably called when Mike returns.

Finally: Also included is a three page PRLG story arc outline. This was an internal memo done by the production team, never meant to be seen by anyone else. It's basically an outline of the series, as written right before they began scripting the show, sort of a cliff notes for the series bible. There's some huge surprises in it, such as the reiteration of Zordon's role in the Quasar Sabers, the fact LG takes place "years" after PRiS, that Mirinoi is in the LG, that the Stingwingers' blasts at Maya opened the portal to the moon, that Leo was originally to be left behind to get the Megaship instead of Kai, and not only are all the future Zords named, Orion power is blandly called "power up mode" and "conquering mode" and the Magna Defender is mentioned... but so is an additional SIXTH Ranger! According to Jackie Marchand, this was to be the return of the Phantom Ranger. No shit. Also, it was clearly always intended to end up in the LG near the series' end, and also intended was a return to Earth! Shame there aren't more arc outlines like this available to the fandom, it's a facinating look at what was intended before they'd even started shooting, let alone saw all the Sentai footage they'd be able to use. (Quasar Quest 1) WtW-Media,
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