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MMPR 40 "Doomsday (part 2)" Script (Scans)

MMPR 40 "Doomsday, Part II" Shooting Script Release.
Take a look at the final intended episode of MMPR. Despite being mostly the same as the final version, with plenty of changed dialogue, there's still a couple of major surprises. First, is the use of Bandora's son, Kai, as the being called "Bubba". Had we the first part, we'd know exactly what he is in PR. No indication here that Rita gives a crap about him. The fact he's killed so casually backs up him being something like a monster of the day. The biggest difference comes with Rangers finally capturing Rita and friends! A whole new subplot that was cut. Despite the fact we've been told by plenty of sources the "Rangers attend the prom" storyline was filmed, this script lacks that aspect entirely. Also, the "Rangers get to decide to retire or not" thing remains from the aired version, meaning there is no version where they choose to retire.

Other fun cut things include implications that Zordon and Alpha didn't seal Rita up originally (they lack schematics of the dumpster), and Zordon speaking through the Megazord!,
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