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MMPR 69 "The Green Dream" Script (Scans)

MMPR 69 "The Green Dream" Final Draft/Blue Pages Combo Release.
Two pretty big things in this script stick out as being absent from the final aired version. One is the inclusion of Tommy's "dream", which is merely some sort of psychic foresight of the battle against Robogoat (they also try to set up Tommy "creating" the monster by drawing it from his dream, but they seem to forget that right after introducing it). The other is Lord Zedd revealing just where the heck the "Sword of Power" came from! This was always a big WTF back in the day, but as it turns out, it opens up another plothole as a result to explain how that item, shown utterly destroyed, became this one! Another difference, is Dragonzord does in fact show up for the fight in the end.

As usual, included are JDF's acting inflections. Not a dream, not a hoax, not an imaginary story!,
Tags: mmpr, script, season 2

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