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Dec. 14th, 2008

MMPR 12 "Happy Birthday, Zach" script (scans)

Release Notes
MMPR 12 "Happy Birthday, Zach" Revised Draft's Green, Yellow, Blue, and Pink Pages Release.
This is kinda the same as the aired version, but the changes that exist are interesting. Such as Rita's "monster book" being a catalogue (Carranger eat your heart out), or Knasty Knight (spelling the same as the toy) being originally named "Dark Knight" (in an ep with a Batman ref as it was). And hey, lookit the COLORS!

Yes, that's Amy Jo's signature on the cover. No inflections here, however, but she did highlight all her lines!

sirstack.db-destiny.net/mmpr12 (Happy Birthday Zach) WtW-Media, Scans.zip

MMPR 09 "I, Eyeguy" Final Draft (scans)

Release Notes  
MMPR 09 "I, Eyeguy" Final Draft Release.
Remember the second draft version I posted before? This is just like that, but in a new font! Okay, so there are some revisions, noted by the asterix as always, but more or less this is still close to what we already know. I notice they removed Sharkie from the cast list, at least.

Yes, that's Amy Jo's signature on the cover. No inflections here, however.

sirstack.db-destiny.net/mmpr09R (I, Eyeguy) WtW-Media, Scans.zip

Dec. 3rd, 2008

MMPR 60 "An Oyster Stew" Script (Scans)

MMPR 60 "An Oyster Stew" Third Draft Script Release.
Zack gets her pearls from the hustler in an alleyway of all places, instead of the park as in the final version. Several odd voids exist here, as if haphazardly they omitted some cut scenes with some white-out at an earlier point. Several references to goat soup were also cut, changed to frog legs. All songs in the episode made it to air, word for word.

Aw shucks, it's all rounded off with some JDF acting inflections.


MMPR 59 "Mighty Morphin' Mutants" Script (Scans)

MMPR 59 "Mighty Morphin' Mutants" Final Draft Script Release.
Loads of JDF inflection annotations, and a few small bits of information that didn't make it to air (like the origin of the Badges of Darkness, and a better reasoning for the lack of a Red Mutant Ranger). There's also a neat mention of a shot from the Zyu2 footage that was filmed but removed from the US version, involving Green's reaction to Mutant Green, and strangely, a far different destruction for Crayfish and friends.


MMPR 58 "Football Season" Script (Scans)

MMPR 58 "Football Season" Final Draft Script Release.
Fascinating Zyu2 note listed, calling the footage used for this episode "Rhino #17". Tommy's father is mentioned several times, something that never made the final show and really gives his drive to get on the team new meaning. The football playing Putties are called "Putty Punchers". Alpha uses "great Zords!" as an exclaimation. There's a few little additional bits of Zyu2 footage referred to (Green Ranger's arrival at the battle is different), including confirmation that it didn't originally feature an Ultrazord sequence.

And, as usual, some JDF acting inflections, as well.


MMPR 54 "Enter the Lizzinator" Script (Scans)

MMPR 54 "Enter the Lizzinator" Final Draft Script Release.
Hey, look! A deleted scene featuring Bulk & Skull! Interestingly, it's in the script to make Lizzinator sound like the Governator when he talks. There's a note about some Zyu2 footage to cut (of Lizzinator smashing glass), which again drives home the fact Toei didn't have strict BS&P guidelines to follow. The Putties are stressed to be "Super Putties", and the famed line "Putties can drive?" is absent. Oddly, despite the final cut having the Ultrazord, this one, based off the Zyu2 footage, lacks it!

Enjoy the JDF acting inflections, as well. I'll be back!


MMPR 52 "Two Heads are Better Than One" Script (Scans)

MMPR 52 "Two Heads Are Better Than One" Final Draft Script Release.
Kinda close to the final version, but as with any script that isn't the shooting one, you'll still get some differences. Biggest one being the Two-Headed Parrot's favorite food (listed as "giant kiwi" instead of "pamango"). There's a little extra scene involving Bulk & Skull playing with the fruit (which was indeed shot and I have the footage via some dailies). And despite the action figure naming of Pete and Repete, the monster's two heads are not given individual names.

All this, and JDF's acting inflections. It's double the pleasure, triple the fun!


MMPR 51 "Grumble Bee" Script (Scans)

MMPR 51 "Grumble Bee" Final Draft Script Release.
Loads more "bee" related puns here than in the final episode, if possible. They really overplay it in some respects, stressing reverb on any and all "b" words. As usual, there's a few dialogue differences from the final cut. Noticable aspects include how Grumble Bee gets called "Grumble Beast" or just "Monster" frequently. There's a very interesting note attached to one of the Zyu2 scenes, telling the editors to remove the shots of Black Ranger putting a Putty in a headlock. This implies that in production of Zyu2, Toei wasn't given direct guidelines matching Broadcast Standards and Practices for Fox Kids! Similarly, there's a note to cut away to shots in the cockpits, which, much like all Rita and pals stuff, would be made from recycled footage and not specially shot for Zyu2.

And lastly, a few acting inflection notes by JDF. The final page is missing, which automatically reduces this script's grade to a "B".


MMPR 40 "Doomsday (part 2)" Script (Scans)

MMPR 40 "Doomsday, Part II" Shooting Script Release.
Take a look at the final intended episode of MMPR. Despite being mostly the same as the final version, with plenty of changed dialogue, there's still a couple of major surprises. First, is the use of Bandora's son, Kai, as the being called "Bubba". Had we the first part, we'd know exactly what he is in PR. No indication here that Rita gives a crap about him. The fact he's killed so casually backs up him being something like a monster of the day. The biggest difference comes with Rangers finally capturing Rita and friends! A whole new subplot that was cut. Despite the fact we've been told by plenty of sources the "Rangers attend the prom" storyline was filmed, this script lacks that aspect entirely. Also, the "Rangers get to decide to retire or not" thing remains from the aired version, meaning there is no version where they choose to retire.

Other fun cut things include implications that Zordon and Alpha didn't seal Rita up originally (they lack schematics of the dumpster), and Zordon speaking through the Megazord!


MMPR 35 "Green Means Go! (Part 2)" Script (Scans)

MMPR 35 "Green Means Go! Part 2" Second Draft Script Release.
This one is quite a find. Way back before this episode was called "The Green Candle, Part II", it gives a glimpse how MMPR was viewed to play out before they'd even started proper filming. Tommy is still "Rocky" here (and given the last name of "Donovan"), he hits on Ernie in one scene, and seems to be full of bad one liners during every fight. Though the overall story is the same (Tommy scared to ask Kim to the dance, Cyclops changing into Zords, the gang trying to get the Candle), there's hugh dialogue differences (finding the portal in the park is entirely changed, following an old map to it instead of tracking Goldar's teleportation trail, with Bulk & Skull ending up in it!). There's also way too much use of "morphitudinous" and Zack calling Billy "Billster".

And unfortunately, the final page or two is missing.


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