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Dec. 3rd, 2008

MMPR 31 "Calamity Kimberly" Script (Scans)

MMPR 31 "Calamity Kimberly" Shooting Script Release.
Only a couple of dialogue differences in this one. But it does answer two big questions: there was no intentional use of the Battle Bikes planned, and the Putty Bowl Restuarant STILL isn't explained! And to top things off, Jason seems to call Fanman a variation on the word "tard".

The final page is missing, likely a casualty of Kim's bad luck.


MMPR 33 "The Yolk's On You" First Draft Script (Scans)

MMPR 33 "The Yolk's On You" First Draft Script Release.
The earliest possible version of this script, way back when Tommy was still called "Rocky". Of course, this means the dialogue is entirely different, especially since most of this episode is Sentai footage and that stuff always varies until post-production. Differences of interest include Billy dressing like Elvis, Zack's egg juggling act, Caplan's stage fright, TomRock's more personal reason for not showing up on time, and a few other things. Unfortunately, the final page is absent, but I doubt much is missing.

I don't know if Cheryl Saban's number listed works or not, but please don't try to find out.


MMPR 27 "Wheel of Misfortune" Revised Draft Script (Scans)

MMPR 27 "Wheel of Misfortune" Revised Draft (with Pink Pages) Script Release.
Though this skews closer to the finished version, as it's been completely rewritten, there's still quite a few aspects here that fail to reflect the aired episode. Plenty of cut lines, little things like Tommy and Trini painting sets, Kaplan's name changed to "Caplan", Bulk compliments Kim's ample rear, Putties disguised as high schoolers, a far better final line, and so much more. Plus, plenty of JDF acting inflection notes and on the spot line rewrites (including a quick save that could've had Tommy bringing up Putties' gonads).


MMPR 27 "Wheel of Misfortune" Third Draft Script (Scans)

MMPR 27 "Wheel of Misfortune" Third Draft Script Release.
Tommy is still "Rocky", so you know what that means. You get the basic overall same story as the finished episode, but the dialogue and character interactions differ so hugely. The source and fate of the spinning wheel is new, Rita goes over all of her henchmonster's failures (even one that never happened), TomRock makes a poop joke, Skull pulls a "Deliverance" on Bulk, Scorpina is called "Balanga", and so much more strangeness.

Pages 21 and 23 are missing, and presumed dead.


MMPR 26 "Island of Illusion (part 2)" Script (Scans)

MMPR 26 "Island of Illusion (Part 2 of 2)" Third Draft Script Release.
No cover sheet, no final page or two. You may go reading through this, being all like "Oh, this is so much like the aired version. Might as well just transcribe the finished episode. LOSER!" But then, you'll run into little things, like Rita taking orders from a skull with a Cajun accent named Crayniac. Mutitius renamed to "Fang-Gor". Tommy encountering a "Mini-Putty". An acknowledgement of the giant "Z" used by the MegaDragonzord. Plus lots of dialogue differences, and JDF acting inflection notes.


MMPR 25 "Monumental Mischief" Script (Scans)

MMPR 25 "Monumental Mischief" Final Draft Script Release.
 Ever wonder what "Island of Illusion, Part I" would have been like had it lacked the whole Zack dance subplot, the wacky midget, and Bulk and Skull entirely? Well, you're in luck! This is a look bad at the earliest days of production, when Baboo was "Mongo", Squatt was "Grock", Scorpina was "Scorpia", Finster was "Finnster", Mutitus was "Mutaytus", his more advanced form was called "Fang-Gor", and Tommy was "Rocky". Endless bad one-liners as the Rangers serve as their own comic relief, in a story that sounds a lot like some of the basis used for "Itsy Bitsy Spider", but somehow, far different, far worse.

And to top it all off, it's signed by Amy Jo "Hate This Show" Johnson! In pink, no less!

This script, courtesy of the Funaro Maximum Security Libraries.


MMPR 23 "Life's a Masquerade" Script (Scans)

MMPR 23 "Life's a Masquerade" Unknown Draft Script Release.
No cover sheet, no details on what draft this is, but it's late enough for Tommy to no longer be Rocky, but early enough to not just quite be the final shooting script. JDF has numerous Tommy lines highlighted with inflection comments throughout (at least two whole cut scenes are crossed out by him). Despite being close to what eventually was shot, there's still a bit of dialogue differences (as always, the stuff to be ADRed, such as concerning Rita and company, is rough until post production). One neat bit? It reveals that the Bride of Frankenstein who tries to slam dance with the monster? Is none other than former Bulk & Skull cohort, Sharkie!

The final page seems to be missing.


MMPR 22 "The Spit Flower" Script (Scans)

MMPR 22 "The Spit Flower" Final Draft Script Release.
Despite the "final" name, this is another of the ever popular early "Tommy is named Rocky" drafts! Meaning, overall it's the same as the final show, but the dialogue is wholesalely different. Not to mention specifics of how things occur also get you to the same result via slightly altered courses. Alpha hanging out at Billy's garage and having allergic reactions to the flowers? Tommy-Rocky's father getting a rare mention? More bad puns than a Ninja Storm episode? Bulk and Skull's rarely seen gang of punks? Yeah, that's all in here and more.


MMPR 19 "The Trouble with Shellshock" Script (Scans)

MMPR 19 "The Trouble with Shellshock" Revised Second Draft Script Release.
Tommy's still "Rocky", Baboo is still "Grock". It's an early and wildly different look at the first regular episode to have Green Ranger as part of the team. The dialogue is entirely different, and notable variations include Billy's self-bouncing basketball, Shellshock being made for Grock's "2000 year anniversary as Rita's servant" instead of her birthday, Trini being unmorphed when hit by the speed ray, and the biggest change: Sharkie. As mentioned in a few of these early drafts, Sharkie is the name of female punk seen a whole two times on the show. Back in the script stage, she was to be the third wheel in Bulk and Skull's bumbling duo.

And just because I have no where else to put it, an added bonus is the cover sheet for the shooting script of MMPR 20 "Itsy Bitsy Spider". It's the only page of it I have, but, hey! Look! Log line. Those are fun.


MMPR 17 "Green with Evil part 4" script (Scans)

MMPR 17 "Green With Evil Part IV" Second Draft Script Release.
Once again, it's overall the same as the aired version, with plenty of dialogue differences. Most notably, Skull doesn't want Bulk's Mommy here, and Rita doesn't create an eclipse, but a "Dark Sun."


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